ikusasa Water focuses on supplying
Mobile/skid mounted/ containerised plants and fixed installations.
Package plants are designed specifically to our customer requirements or needs.

Service and Maintenance Contracts
The scope of our services ranges from ad hoc maintenance services to full time operation of
water treatment plants.

Water production – financed plant options.
The contractual agreements vary from the operation of plants to Build/Own/Operate (BOO) to Build/Operate/Transfer (BOT), while the technologies vary from reverse osmosis to ultrafiltration to iron/manganese removal. In all cases Ikusasa Water provides qualified process controllers, as well as the option to remotely control and monitor the different plants

Mobile – Trailers

  • Typically, 20 kℓ/day to 500 kℓ/day
  • Rapid deployment for emergency water supply
  • Usable for pilot studies
  • Conventional, Membrane or Hybrid technologies
  • Options include on-board power generation, telemetry and different levels of automation

Package plants – Skid / Containerised

    • Typically, 20 kℓ/day to 2000 kl/day (2Mℓ /day)
    • Standardised units
    • Expeditious construction and installation
    • Options include telemetry and different levels of automation

Fixed – Civil Installations

    • Typically, 500 kℓ/day or more
    • Designed and constructed for 20+ years of operation
    • Conventional, Membrane or Hybrid technologies Conventional, Membrane or Hybrid technologies

Ikusasa Chemicals offer in the Water Industry:

  • Manufacture and distribute Coagulants and Commodities
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Manufacture and Distribute customer specific solution chemicals

Ikusasa Chemicals offer in house technical services that include:

  • Laboratory jar testing and plant trials
  • Design and installation of dosing and control systems
  • Design and installation of bulk handling facilities
  • Sophisticated automation that operates independently or is linked into existing plant automation

Ikusasa Chemicals offer in the Energy, Chemical and Heavy Manufacturing Industries:

  • Laboratory Services
  • Custom Packaging
  • Certification
  • Bar Coding
  • Product Specification Review
  • Remote Tank Monitoring System
  • Formulation Assistance
  • Solvent Reclamation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Custom Blending
  • Inventory Management
  • Waste Disposal
  • SHE Management
  • Cost Effective Bulk Breaking Source
  • Adaptable
  • Solution driven
  • Most Cost-Effective Commodity Trader

Ikusasa Chemicals is a chemical and services provider, providing value-added services to help customers solve business challenges and grow their product lines. Upstream, midstream, and downstream chemical solutions

Ikusasa Chemicals provides solutions spanning the entire scope of the energy industry, tailor made logistics solutions, product training and analysis. We strive to foster collaborative relationships with all stakeholders, to help customers be more proactive and create real solutions. Bulk chemicals solutions, creating value to our customers

Principle relations and management, key to our offering of bulk and commodity chemical products to the precise requirements for customers and principle operations. Mining industry trusted advisor

Ikusasa Chemicals delivers operational value to modern mining by offering the broadest portfolio of products and services.

Comprehensive range of products and services for water treatment

Ikusasa Chemicals provides chemistry solutions for water treatment: a broad portfolio of products that includes pH adjusters, flocculants, coagulants, de-chlorinators, disinfectants, including an array of value-added services that includes custom storage, delivery and waste management.

Ikusasa Holdings has an in-house projects team consisting of highly qualified engineering staff and an experienced technical team:

  • Turnkey Municipal Projects
  • Industrial Effluent Plants
  • Support Water Operations Business
  • Manufacturing Fabrication, Assembly
  • African and International Business Development
  • International Trading Desk
  • Infrastructure Build: Potable and Waste Water Plants, Dams, Reservoirs, Pipelines, etc