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Outing to the Mill – Riebeek West

Wednesday – 18 June 2014

Today we went to the Breadmill in Riebeek-Wes we leave at around 08:50.
When we arrive there Mr David Fourie welcome us and explain to us what they are all doing at the mill. There wheat come from all the farmers in the Swartland. White flour is made up almost entirely of the part of the wheat grain known as the endosperm, which contains starch and protein. He also explain to us, the relative proportion of starch and gluten varies in different wheats and those with a low percentage of gluton (soft flour) are not suitable for bread making. We also went into the Labotoruim were they test the starch percentage and the flour if it is suitable for using. Wow that was great to see it. We follow Mr David Fourie to were they packing the flour and the sugar in was really an exciting tour though the mill and all our student did love it and last but not least we did also see how the make rusks. At the mill they bake and sell there own rusks. We want to thank all the staff and Mr David Fourie for the warm welcoming and that we as Ikusasa students did learn a lot at the mill.
We thank them for giving us rusks we really did enjoy it!

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