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Hi, this is our first blog.  We are 12 students at the Riebeek Valley campus.  Five boys and seven girls.  Boys -> Almarsh (masie); Zandre (zee); Conwill (connie); Matt (mounty); Stuard (steyn).  Girls-> Shanell (nelly); Elmarie (emmie); Cathleen (cathy); Cynthia (cynthy); Chenayda (nadie); Wietscke (Vicky); Tersia (Tersh).

Today we visited the Rhodes can factory in Tulbagh.  We left at 13:30 and arrived there about 14h00.  We were split into two groups, one consisting of 6 and the other 7, including our lecturer, Chef Anne.  When we first arrived there, we were given a short summary about how things runs in the factory, by Deane Hill – the big boss.

Each team had a team leader (Mike -> HR & Danie -> quality control) which were guiding us and taking us through the whole factory and explaining along the way the process on how they make and can their products.  We saw different cool types of machines they use, eg. One that cuts the peaches in half and takes out the pip; one that puts the lid on the can and seals it and then it’s like a scanner that quickly prints on the expire date as the cans passes by; one where you put the pears upside down in a holder then it gets stuck into a needle kind of thing, then another blade cuts off the stalk, then the pear gets peeled off, and than cut in half, wow how amazing it was just to actually see how all of it works.   Everything in there was so amusing to see.  We also went into one of the labs and saw how they test the PH levels, ect…   And we also got to taste all the canned fruits they make, which by the way, was so tasty.  Overall we learned and got a much better understanding of how the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) works.  What an awesome day!   :)

  1. April 17, 2014

    Wow sounds very interesting!!! :)

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