_MG_0198The successful students are issued, free of charge, with three uniforms, appropriate safety shoes, a set of knives, text books and other leaning materials they may require – everything they require to start their culinary career!

Initially Students undergo a short Induction phase during which they complete short courses in Basic First Aid and Basic Fire Fighting. Knife skills, food safety and basic culinary knowledge and skills are also covered during the Induction phase. During Induction students may visit businesses of interest, an abattoir, food processing factories and hotels.

After this phase students begin their formal training. During this time students are required to spend three days each week (Monday to Wednesday) at school and three of the remaining four days completing Work Integrated Learning within the industry. During school time students learn the theory of culinary arts and food skills which are then practiced and developed within the workplace. Work Integrated Learning takes place in local working kitchens (hotels or restaurants) where students are expected to work as ‘normal’ employees working typical shift rotations. Students are not compensated financially for the Work Integrated Learning phases.

Successful students leave the school after one year with the City and Guilds Certificate in Food Preparation and Cooking.