By Cindy Carolissen:

On Friday 23rd January 2015, we the students of Ikusasa School of Cooking went to Kloovenburg farm for a wine and olive tasting experience.

There weve tasted diffrent types of wine, and Willie give us info about how diffrent wines go together with diffrent food to make the flavour come out more.

On Kloovenburg they make wine in two types of tanks the stainless steel and the barrels, now the barrelled wine, “for me has a smokey-oily taste which I think would go perfectly with a nice creamy pasta or curry.”

The students were so privilege to even go see where and how they make the wine, and Willie also shared with us that off wine smells like vinegar. And we even got some figs to bring back to school and so we’ve made a “lekker” sandwich with grilled prosciutto brizzled, figs, goats cheese and honey on focaccia.

We are very thankfull to the Du-Toit’s and Willie who welcomed us with open arm.

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