By Erin Jumath: on 3 March 2015

Our students at Ikusasa went for a outing to Het Vlock Casteel we did taste olive oil grapes and all kind of jam which was fantastic.

Miss Vlock explained to us that olive oil is good for the heart, skin and for your eyes which I never knew.

When Miss Vlock was finished explaining about the olive oil she said to us that we can walk around in the shop and taste the jam and grapes the jam was so fantastic I wanted to taste the whole day and also the other students.

That was a nice experience and I will tell people to go there because I would like them to know all the diffrent kids of olive oil and how to use them because each one is unique.

Miss Het Vlock is a nice, friendly person and she’s so awesome she wear a smile on her face which is incredible.

Never did I thought in this village that there is so a nice, pretty incredible wedding venue like Het Vlock Casteel, It’s beyond stunning. I would love to go again because for our students it was a good experience.

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