Visit to chocolate shop : blog by Chenayda Klaassen
20 August 2014

Today we went to the chocolate shop in Riebeeck-Kasteel. We arrived at 10 o’clock and Ida the owner of the shop did give us a warm welcome with a nice cup of hot chocolate that she made, wow, that did taste really nice.

We did learn where all the cocoa powder came from and she did explain to us also that it grows on a tree. We did even have the opportunity to make with her some of the chocolates for the shop eg. coconut chocolate, rose chocolate, mint chocolate. We did enjoy it.

Ida did let us taste the different tipes of chocolate from bitter to sweet uhmmm and really we love it. We as Ikusasa students want to thanks Ida for learning us how to make different tipes of chocolates and share some of her knowledges to us.

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